Premier is proud to present this unique offering for the first time in over 54 years. The Paint Rock Angus Ranch represents an efficient and well balanced cattle operation located just South of the Snowy Mountains. Comprised of 19,360± deeded acres, 1,600± State of Montana leased acres, and the oldest recorded water rights along over 12± miles of Currant Creek, the ranch is unlike anything on the market in Central Montana.


Property Details

19360 Deeded Acres 160 State Leased Acres

The Ranch has been in the same family for 54 years and has a reputation for producing one of Montana’s finest cow herds and some of the best feeder cattle in this area. As you travel through the ranch it is evident Dennis and Martha Mercer have been great stewards of the land. Solid range conditions, productive hay meadows, tremendous water development and well built and maintained fences are a testament to their long-term efforts. Growing up on an Angus Ranch near Hyattville Wyoming, the value of quality was instilled into Dennis at an early age. He has continued to pursue owning some of the best genetics the breed has to offer, routinely uses some of the Angus breeds best sires in his breeding program through the use of artificial insemination. Dennis and Martha currently own one of the most impressive herd bull lineups in the area, all purchased from top Montana and Wyoming Production Sales.

Water Resources

With water rights dating back to 1884, the Paint Rock Angus Ranch owns some of the oldest water rights on Currant Creek. These water rights are then utilized to irrigate it’s extensive and productive hay meadows, which supplies ample winter feed. Several large and productive springs have been developed with water piped through miles of underground pipeline to numerous tanks throughout the ranch. There are several large reservoirs that are utilized by the cow herd and wildlife as well.

Wildlife Resources

As you travel through the ranch and the surrounding area you are likely to see numerous antelope, whitetail deer, mule deer and other species of mammals and birds. The Mercers are very proud of the fact that the ranch placed a portion of it’s acreage into a Sage Grouse Easement to protect these iconic birds and their habitat into the future.

$15431 in 2017

Mineral Rights

All minerals currently owned by sell will transfer at closing.

Location Details

The Paint Rock Angus Ranch is located approximately 15 miles north and west of the small community of Lavina, Montana. The ranch headquarters are in a secluded setting off Red Hill Road, with a private drive along a beautiful stretch of Currant Creek lined with productive hay meadows.

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