Unmatched in its setting, the Centennial Valley Ranch provides the unique opportunity to fish along private stretches of Hell Roaring Creek, Red Rock Creek, and multiple ponds.

“A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it”

Roger Jacobs

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Property Details

The Centennial Valley Ranch consists of approximately 2,227 deeded acres in the Alaska Basin near the upper end of the Centennial Valley.

Wildlife Resources

Centennial Valley Ranch offers both variety and numbers of wildlife that will astound even the most seasoned outdoorsman. The Centennial Valley is home to large populations of elk, many calving on the ranch in late spring. Grizzly bears and wolves are not uncommon in this valley, along with moose, pronghorn and deer. Trumpeter swans roost on the ponds next to the cabin while waterfowl, songbirds and raptors live here parts of the year.

Fishery Resources

If privacy, unmatched views and abundant wildlife aren’t enough, the Centennial Valley Ranch is a fisherman’s paradise. Hell Roaring Creek tumbles over rocks and boulders as it flows out of the Centennial Mountains and becomes the modest beginnings to one of the longest drainages in the lower U.S., the Missouri River drainage. Hell Roaring Creek eventually turns into a hidden gem of a fishery, Red Rock Creek. The Historical significance of Red Rock Creek does not go unnoticed, as it winds through the ranch for over 2.5 miles. Red Rock Creek is home to many cold water game fish species, but most notable the last remaining lake population in the lower 48 of Arctic Greyling. While the greyling will spend most of the year in upper Red Rock Lake, located just a few miles west of the property, they utilize this stretch of Red Rock creek to spawn in during the spring. Along with Greyling, you will find trophy Cutthroat, Rainbow trout, Brook trout, and many other non-game fish species.

Also, located on the property are five ponds within a stones throw of the headquarters. These crystal clear ponds are home to plentiful populations of game fish such as Brook trout and Cutthroat. The open shore lines provide ample room for the novice fisherman to perfect new techniques or for the expert to make long casts with a fly rod. If fishing exclusively on the property isn’t enough, there are plenty more lakes and streams within a 10 mile radius of the property that offer excellent fishing opportunities.

The Centennial Valley Ranch along with numerous properties in the valley have been protected with conservation easements, ensuring the wilderness setting, wildlife habitat and agricultural use in perpetuity. This easement encompasses multiple building sites throughout the property. 

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